Quitting Smoking Benefits – Do You Know the Best Reasons For Quitting?

One the best things any smoker can do for themselves and those they care about is to stop smoking. I want to mention a few quitting smoking benefits here in the hopes that it will help you to finally free yourself from your cigarette addiction. The more reasons you have for giving up cigarettes, the more likely you’ll be to succeed.Health reasons are usually the first thoughts that come to mind when someone considers why they are going to stop smoking.Of course you know that your health will improve if you stop smoking. Smoking causes 90% of lung cancers and most chronic lung disease. But lung cancer isn’t the worst of it. Lung cancer is a relatively quick (although painful) death. Chronic lung disease is a slow, debilitating painful death. If you’re struggling to catch your breath just walking across the room, it’s pretty hard to enjoy anything in life. As of lung disease progresses, life becomes more and more limited. Some smokers reached the point where they have to carry oxygen with them everywhere they go. At this stage, life pretty miserableThere is no safe level of smoking. You can’t smoke without damaging your lungs. Some smokers claim that the lungs are fine. In a word, baloney. No matter what their level of function is, it would be better if they didn’t smoke. The stories of “old Uncle Henry who smoked like a chimney and was never sick a day in his life” probably aren’t true. Even if they were, it’s a rare exception not the rule.Your mental state will improve after you quit smoking. Showing the degree of commitment it takes to give up smoking will definitely increase your confidence and sense of pride. Many former smoker’s report that the experience of quitting smoking gave them confidence that they could do anything else they set their mind to.Smoking is hugely expensive so your finances will also benefit when you quit smoking. The cost of cigarettes has gotten to the point where many smokers spend a good portion of their budget on cigarettes. It seems ironic to spend so much money to injure yourself. Think about all the better things you could do with that money when quit smoking once and for all. Most smokers could easily fund their retirement accounts or take a fancy vacation every year with what they spend on cigarettes. Some smokers could even do both.You aren’t the only one you’ll be helping when you quit smoking. The benefits of your quitting smoking extend to those you love. Secondhand smoke injures those you live with physically. Watching you commit slow suicide with cigarettes wounds them emotionally.I wish I could tell you that it’s simple and easy to stop smoking. Unfortunately I can’t. But quitting certainly isn’t impossible and I can tell you that you can succeed at giving up smoking with the combination of commitment and some of the stop smoking techniques available today. With the right help it might be easier than you expect.

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